katie porter <3 (yourheartbreak) wrote,
katie porter <3

being that 2008 is just around the corner

i think it's time for a change.. i need to start exercising.. and i mean really exercising like a couple of times a week... i need to REALLY start saving money... like no more retarded lunches and dinners out that i don't need.. and i NEED to start being happier.. i mean i've got it pretty good. i've got the best boyfriend in the world.. i've got the best friends in the world.. so what's my problem?! speaking of friends... i really need to actually start hanging out with my friends.. it gets so hard when you're living at your boyfriends parent's house because it's not like you can just invite everyone over to hang out.. you actually have to make a plan.. but soon dewey and i will be moving out and soon i will be able to start having a normal life again...

ok i think that's all.. did i mention that i have the most amazing boyfriend in the whole world???
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