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you'll sit alone forever if you wait for the right time what are you hoping for..

i haven't posted in this thing in quite a while.. basically for the past month and a half or so i was in la for work. i did my first shoot for VW and it went really well.. we even wrapped the shoot 2 hours early.. i just got a raise and a promotion so i'm no longer a jr. producer.. now i'm just a producer... ummm even though i got a raise i still seem to be broke.. granted i haven't gotten a new pay check yet.. so maybe that will change.. scottie lives literally 2 blocks away and i see him basically everyday which is the coolest thing ever.. it's now snowed 3 times and it makes the town so beautiful.. i really love boulder.. it's so much fun... we're having a halloween party tomorrow night at one of the Creative Director's place.. he lives on a 30 acre ranch.. it's going to be fucking awesome.. really there's not much else to say.. i'm really happy and that's all...
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