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here we go again...   
10:24am 10/08/2009
  1 one more heartbreak for the books.  
can you still feel the butterflies?
last week in a nutshell   
11:41pm 17/09/2008
  sunday - get stung by a bee.. deathly allergic so spend 3 hours in the emergency room in boulder
thursday - run out of gas in the middle of the freeway during rush hour
saturday - crack screen of brand new iphone
sunday - get broken up with

all in all (minus vegas of course) last week sucked.

these next two weeks however will be much better.. hopefully..
yesterday - today - go to san diego with jak to visit Skarin
saturday - wednesday - go to nyc to visit nikki
friday - sunday - hopefully go to san francisco with jak.

maybe being single does open a ton of more doors? that our you just make them open because you're single... i think option b is more likely...
1 heartbreak | can you still feel the butterflies?
if only you actually read livejournal   
01:57am 16/09/2008
  you'll sit alone forever if you wait for the right time what are you hoping for?

no one else will have me like you do.. no one else will have me only you
1 heartbreak | can you still feel the butterflies?
honestly hilarious   
04:11pm 14/03/2008
3 heartbreaks | can you still feel the butterflies?
being that 2008 is just around the corner   
04:59pm 11/12/2007
  i think it's time for a change.. i need to start exercising.. and i mean really exercising like a couple of times a week... i need to REALLY start saving money... like no more retarded lunches and dinners out that i don't need.. and i NEED to start being happier.. i mean i've got it pretty good. i've got the best boyfriend in the world.. i've got the best friends in the world.. so what's my problem?! speaking of friends... i really need to actually start hanging out with my friends.. it gets so hard when you're living at your boyfriends parent's house because it's not like you can just invite everyone over to hang out.. you actually have to make a plan.. but soon dewey and i will be moving out and soon i will be able to start having a normal life again...

ok i think that's all.. did i mention that i have the most amazing boyfriend in the whole world???
2 heartbreaks | can you still feel the butterflies?
bored at work.   
04:23pm 06/12/2007
  1. Who kissed you on new years?

2. Did you have a new year's resolution this year?
no sir

3. Does it snow where you live?
i used to live where it snowed and it was friggin awesome... but la is better!

4. Do you like hot chocolate?
yes with mini marshmallows

5. Have you loved someone?


1.Who was your valentine?
i don't remember? i was in LA so maybe mike j?

2. When you were little did you buy Valentine's for the whole class?
yes! i would like to bring the tradition back into the work place.

3. Do you care if the ground hog sees its shadow or not?


1. Are you Irish?

2. Do you like corned beef and cabbage?

3. What did you do for St. Patty's Day in 2007?
went to the irish pub next to the cobalt then back to my house to keep drinking

4. Are you happy when winter is pretty much over?
no way! i love love love winter

5. What did you like most about this month?
i got to stay in LA the whole month and be with dewey


1. Do you like the rain?

2. Did you play an April fool's joke on anyone this year?
i don't think so

3. Do you get tons of candy on Easter
yeah my mom always buys me and my sister a huge easter basket

4. Do you celebrate 4/20?
nah but the kids in boulder definitely do

5. Do you love the month of April?
ummm i don't really care either way about it


1. What is your favorite type of flowers?
calla lilies

2. Finish the phrase "April showers..."
this is gay

3. Do you celebrate May 16th: National Piercing Day?
there's a day for that?

4. Is May anything special to you?


1. What year did/will you graduate from high school?

2. Did you do anything fun during this month?
dewey came to boulder
i went to LA and nyc
i don't really remember anything else

3. Have a favorite baseball team??
i like football better


1. What did you do on the 4th of July?
went to the brae moore cliffs with maddie and dewey

2. Did you go to the fireworks?
yup on the brae moore cliffs with maddie and dewey

3. Do you blast the A/C all day?
our apt in boulder didn't have a/c.. even though it's like a 100 degrees in the summer there

4. What's your favorite part of July?
warm nights


1. Did you do anything special at the end of your summer?
went to carpinteria with dewey and his family
hung out with jenny and david like every day

2. What was your favorite summer memory of '07?
hanging out with dewey and jenny and david

3. Did you have a sunburn?
i don't do that

4.Did you go to the pool alot?
i always attempted but then was a wuss and thought it was too cold


1. Did you attend college/school?
haha i tried to but then work got in the way

2. Do you like fall better than summer?
yes! i love the leaves and the wind and the crisp air

3. What's the best thing about September?
it means winter is just around the corner!


1. What was your last Halloween costume?
margot tenenbaum.. dewey was richie.. we were a pretty great duo

2. What is your favorite candy?
either 3 muskateers or candy corn

3. What was your favorite thing about this month?
my boyfriend =]


1. Whose house do you go to for Thanksgiving?
my dad's and dewey's family's.. we were supposed to go to my mom's but she left me a bitchy message the night before so i decided to cross her house off of the list.

2. What are you thankful for?
family friends and DEWEY!

3. Do you love stuffing?
it's the best part of thanksgiving. i could eat it ever day if it was available.

4. Best part of this month?
thanksgiving and stuffing duh


1. Do you celebrate Christmas?
yes! i LOVE christmas

2. Have you ever been kissed under the mistletoe?

3. Get anything special last year?
guitar hero!

4. What do you want this year?
sewing machine.. canon powershot elph... and lots and lots of clothes

5. Do u like cold weather?
love it! and i agree with adri snowboarding is great!
2 heartbreaks | can you still feel the butterflies?
11:47am 28/11/2007
mood: sad
wow. it really is just a repeat of last time. that's awesome. thanks for making me feel like crap. love you too.
2 heartbreaks | can you still feel the butterflies?
07:14pm 04/09/2007
mood: hot

1. my left shoulder disjoints when i move it
2. i have a gimpy toe
3. my mom is crazy
4. i have planned my wedding to my non-existent fiance to the point that i have the location, dress, attire for the wedding party and guests, and the mix cd already put together. all i'm missing are the invites and cake.
5. i hate whistling.. and yes i can whistle i just hate the sound it makes
6. dewey says i can harmonize.. i don't know if he's telling me the truth or just doesn't want me to stop singing in the car
7. i have a sister who is 9 years younger than me and one that's 25 years older than me
8. i'm fickle
9. i get headaches everyday
10. my room looks like a tornado came through it
11. i love winter
12. i have 4 closets full of clothes


1. have an interest in music
2. be patient with/for me cause we all know i don't have any
3. surprise me
4. take control
5. know how to change a tire in the middle of the freeway with your girlfriend screaming at you
6. have a sense of humor
7. don't take things to seriously
8. trust me
9. be loyal
10. love me unconditionally
11. be andrew scott thomas


1. asparagus
2. mushrooms
3. in n out double double
4. kung pao chicken
5. goat cheese and spinach quesadilla from the comfort cafe in fred segal
6. baked potato soup
7. mashed potatoes
8. casa di pizza pizza
9. salad and bread sticks at olive garden
10. jenny's lemon chicken


1. summer 2000 - the first one to have a car
2. summer 2001 - jenny/jackie/byron/skarin/arthur days
3. day my dad's aneurysm burst and he almost died
4. when my mom found me and byron in the shower together in 11th grade
5. xTACx
6. nikki and my apartment and all of our parties
7. jak's many car accidents i've had the privilege of witnessing first hand
8. winter in colorado
9. 2/25/07 - the night dewey finally had the guts to actually talk to me hahahaha


1. bad drivers
2. whistling
3. my mom
4. when i have to continuously explain something
5. stupid people that i work with
6. my mom
7. when people refuse to use their air conditioning at night even though its like 110 degrees outside
8. most girls


1. cell phone
2. purse
3. wallet
4. mom's wedding ring
5. eyeliner
6. compact
7. macbook


1. Florida
2. Colorado
3. New York
4. Minnesota
5. Illinois
6. Idaho


1. travel the world
2. become a millionaire
3. win the lotto ( i totally agree with you liz! haha)
4. get married
5. have a family??


1. spiders
2. clowns
3. motorcycles
4. my mom... she's crazy


1. check my email
2. read the latest in ad news
3. tell dewey i love him


1. eat so much
2. be so impatient


1. my twin!

When I'm nervous/scared I:
bite my nails, have a cigarette, and pace

The last song I listened to:
futures by jew

If I were to get married right now my best man/woman would be:
well adri and i did promise each other... but i think that was before my little sister was even born... so probably my sister and then adri would have to help her plan everything.. cause she's only 14 right now...

By this time next year:
i should be making lots more money and producing lots more commercials

I have a hard time understanding:

If I won an award, the first person I would tell:
dewey, then nikki/jen/jak/adri... whoever actually answers my freaking call

Take my advice:
there is not just one person out there for you.. you may just have to look a little harder for the others

Most recent thing I've bought myself:
skull and crossbones ring from disneyland

Most recent thing someone else bought me:
dewey bought me a volcom bathing suit cause he's the cutest ever! oh and david bought dewey and i dinner cause he's awesome

In the morning I:
push dewey off of me and tell him we have to wake up

Yesterday I was:
swimming with dewey and jenny and david and kaytee and ryan at kaytee and brents... then i was on the side of the freeway cause dewey got a flat tire and all of the big rigs passing scared the crap out of me... then we were back at jenny and david's eating spumoni. good day!

If I was an animal I'd be:
probably a kitty cat cause they're soooo cute

A better name for me would be:
ummm i don't think there is a better one.. katieporter is pretty good

Tomorrow I am:
going to vancouver to do a vw canada radio spot

Tonight I am:
going to tito's tacos with dewey and then we're gonna clean my room yay!!
2 heartbreaks | can you still feel the butterflies?
06:01pm 19/07/2007
  i'm moving to LA tomorrow!!!! WOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!! life is awesome <3  
can you still feel the butterflies?
12:40pm 08/05/2007
  40 of the most Spontaneous Questions Ever (not really), BE HONEST

1. Where were you 1 hour ago?
at the same place i am now

2. Who will be your next kiss?
andrew scott thomas.. but not for a very long time =[

3. What are you most excited about right now?
moving back home

4. Are you wearing socks right now?

5. When was the last time you went out of the state?
hahaha umm about 6 hours ago.. when i left in la for nyc...

6. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days?

7. What was the last thing you had to drink?
dr. pepper

8. how do you describe what you are wearing right now?
jeans. black wesc top. black and gold stripped wesc sweater. black flats.

9. What was your last purchase?
workout pants from ross

10. Last food you ate?
el queso grande with the love of my life

11. Last person you talked to on the phone?

12. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?

13. Do you have a pet?
my dad has a dog named abby, she can open doors.

14. What's the last sporting event you watched?
MMA fights

15. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
in la.

16. What is the last thing you purchased online?
teeshirt from swloha.com

17. When was the last time you laughed?
a couple seconds ago

18. What’s one thing you really want right now?
to live in la

19. Do you miss anyone?
yess my TWIN!! but i get to see her today!!! and fantasy dewey head

20. Last play you saw?
oh gosh.. i cant remember.. i guess it was avenue q

21. What are your plans for the day?
finish working.. hang out with my twin.. i dunno?

22. Who did you hang out with last night?

23. Ever go to a camp?
hume lake was the best way to end summers

24. Were you an honor roll student in school?
ummm in elementary school... i think jr high too

25. What do you know about the future?
that i'm going to spend it with the most amazing person ever

26. Are you wearing any perfume or cologne?
yep. my scent. red jeans by versace

27. Where are your best friends located?
la and nyc

28. Do you have a tan?
I DO!!!!

29. How old do you want to be when you have kids?
i agree with nikki.. i don't really have an age.. but i def want to have been married for awhile before i do.. i want to experience the fun of being a newlywed without the stress of kids

30. Last person who made you cry?
dewey... but in a good way

31. Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
i have a tattoo on my lower back. and my ears are pierced

32. Listening to?

34. What happened in your dreams last night?
ummm.. i didn't have any dreams because i couldn't sleep because i was on the red eye from LA to NYC

35. Where is your mom?
don't know. don't care

36. What is her favorite thing?
being a psycho bitch and kicking her kids out

37. Are you someone’s best friend?

38. Wish you could live like the movie Click?
ummm no...

39. Do you love anyone?
andrew scott thomas... and then all my friends and family

40. What is one thing you hate?
where i live.
1 heartbreak | can you still feel the butterflies?
it really can only go up from here   
02:44am 09/02/2007
mood: drained
if anyone would like to contribute to the katie got in a car accident and now has to pay alot of money fund i would be greatly appreciative... or if you know of any high paying strip clubs i could work at this weekend.. that'd be great too..
3 heartbreaks | can you still feel the butterflies?
01:57pm 23/01/2007
mood: disappointed
con·ster·na·tion [kon-ster-ney-shuhn]
a sudden, alarming amazement or dread that results in utter confusion; dismay.

3 heartbreaks | can you still feel the butterflies?
pretty much sums it all up   
12:20pm 08/01/2007
mood: sad
I've lived my life inside daydream lies
Imaginary friends that always knew one day I'd leave for good
I'll give away this girl who tried to make you fall in love
I'll give her to you so keep her close to you
So you won't forget about oh how she loved you
So long ago, once upon a time
Now she has grown up, and you can't take it back
A lullaby won't change my mind
And I won't ever go back to that
I will stay true to this belief that we've changed
For the best through this
Seperate the ones who know you
From the ones who couldn't bother to see you for all that there is
Deep down I always knew all the times
I thought that I loved you
It was just an easy answer
It was make believe
But I still believe that this heart will learn to love
can you still feel the butterflies?
shame on me for living this way...   
02:05am 28/11/2006
mood: frustrated
i mean i am seriously the most retarded person ever... for some reason i only like jerks.. like if you only show slight interest i'm in <3.. too much and i'm over it.. but then when do i ever get to actually be with a person??.. i guess i'm just gonna be single for life... awesome.
1 heartbreak | can you still feel the butterflies?
you'll sit alone forever if you wait for the right time what are you hoping for..   
03:57pm 27/10/2006
mood: happy
i haven't posted in this thing in quite a while.. basically for the past month and a half or so i was in la for work. i did my first shoot for VW and it went really well.. we even wrapped the shoot 2 hours early.. i just got a raise and a promotion so i'm no longer a jr. producer.. now i'm just a producer... ummm even though i got a raise i still seem to be broke.. granted i haven't gotten a new pay check yet.. so maybe that will change.. scottie lives literally 2 blocks away and i see him basically everyday which is the coolest thing ever.. it's now snowed 3 times and it makes the town so beautiful.. i really love boulder.. it's so much fun... we're having a halloween party tomorrow night at one of the Creative Director's place.. he lives on a 30 acre ranch.. it's going to be fucking awesome.. really there's not much else to say.. i'm really happy and that's all...
3 heartbreaks | can you still feel the butterflies?
i thought i fell in love yesterday.. but it turned out to be the flu   
03:03pm 10/08/2006
mood: accomplished
so there's not really much to update.. pretty much all i do is work and go out and travel for work.. that's about it. i'm about to help produce my first big tv job.. which i'm pretty happy about.. and i have a crush on a boy.. but really what's new.. and ummm yeah that's it...
can you still feel the butterflies?
staying at home can't be that bad for me cause i'm not scared...   
11:05pm 09/07/2006
mood: accomplished
i moved to boulder. it's been a kinda rough move. we weren't supposed to have to work but ended up on the phone the whole drive there. i got 2 speeding tickets. our movers are 2 weeks late. jess' car still hasn't been put on a truck. our offices aren't open yet. and we found out that we have no a/c. other than that i LOVE the town. it's been a ton of fun. i think i'm going too really like boulder. i can't wait for winter. it's going to be awesome!

i'm in nyc now. i love coming here to visit. i can't wait to see nikki tomorrow!

basically life is good.
can you still feel the butterflies?
07:36pm 14/06/2006
1 heartbreak | can you still feel the butterflies?
those 3 words are said too much they're not enough...   
11:59pm 21/05/2006
mood: accomplished
so the thing is.. i haven't really written in a while. i'm moving to boulder in a month it's kind of crazy but i really can't wait. i just finished my first big tv job and it was the coolest thing ever. i'm a radio mercury finalist (some award for radio commercials) which is pretty awesome. and overall i'm doing pretty well.
2 heartbreaks | can you still feel the butterflies?
anyone wanna be the first?   
05:15pm 04/05/2006
  if 100 people lent me 50 bucks each i would be outta debt that would be awesome.  
5 heartbreaks | can you still feel the butterflies?